5 Tips for Dating on Holiday/Vacation

I consider myself a bit of a dating abroad expert; I have lived abroad for nearly 12 years now and I have dated across multiple countries on four different continents. With that being said, I consider myself a bit of the dating guru and I think I would impart some of my knowledge about dating abroad. Here are my five tips for finding love or lust abroad.

Use Online Dating Apps

Many of us use dating apps when we are at home but we don’t necessarily think to use them when we are on vacation or when we are abroad. You have your Tinder, OkCupid, and in some countries eHarmony. As much as you may be a fan or critic of these dating apps one thing is for certain they allow you to connect with many people with little effort. If you are picky, you can sort potential mates by their height, weight, and you can even sort them by the type of jobs they do. You can go from dateless to having a date every night with the click of a mouse or the swipe of a finger. I think that dating in a new city is a great way to sightsee and to understand the city through a local’s eyes. The only thing I would recommend is that you make sure you meet your date in a public place because safety is always key.

Take part in a Language Exchange

If you find the prospect of going on a legit date in a place that you are not familiar with or in a foreign country really daunting, one thing you can do is to participate in a language exchange. You can go on to meetup.com for instance and do a search and you can see if in that place you are in there is some sort of meetup group where people are trading language skills. This gives you the potential to meet a date and of course the prospect of learning a bit of the language.

Get Physical

When I say get physical, I mean sign up for physical activities like hiking, walking, or biking. It is not only a great way to get a bit of exercise on your trip but it is a really nice way to connect with people in the great outdoors. Certainly, I have joined running groups and walking tours in the various international cities I found myself in while traveling and so I am a huge proponent of getting out there, making your heart happy, and also opening yourself up to a whole new segment of single nubile physically fit people.

Learn About Local Dating Customs

It is important to become well-versed on local dating culture before taking the plunge. A really important aspect of international dating is basically knowing what international dating waters are like in the place you are in. You don’t want to be making any cultural faux pas or misreading any signals that a potential mate is sending you. This is because the dating culture in the places you are in could be drastically different from dating culture in the place you are from. So a quick internet search or aligning yourself with a local person where you can trust they can give you the lowdown on what dating is like in a particular place is key.

Say Yes to Everything

Honestly, life is too short to be overly uptight and picky, chances are that you’re on vacation or you’re doing a short stint abroad. So why not throw caution to the wind a bit and say yes a little more often than you typically would. Accept invitations and engage in activities you may not have typically tried before. Say yes to new things and above all just keep an open mind.

Dating abroad is a great way to explore the culture of the place you are visiting as well as meet new people. You shouldn’t expect to marry or hook up with every potential love interest you come across. At the very least you’ll come out of that encounter with the new perspectives on life, dating, and travel. So relax, stay safe, have fun and enjoy the ride.